Marine Surveyors & Compass Adjusters Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Captain James Rawson Standfield

Australian / New Zealand

New Zealand Foreign Going Master’s Certificate of Competency (Awarded Pamir Prize from New Zealand Government for highest marks Master Foreign Going)
Australian Master Class 1
Commonwealth Licensed Compass Adjuster
ISPS Port / Port Facility Security Officer
Registered AQIS Export Grain Ship Surveyor
Registered FIFA Import Fertiliser Ship Surveyor
International Cargo Gear Bureau Non-Exclusive Surveyor
China Corporation Register of Shipping Non-Exclusive Surveyor

Seagoing Experience:
Refrigerated, Container, Ro/Ro and Small General / Reefer Ships

Other Relevant Experience:
Conventional Stevedoring Supervisor; Ship Planner and Container Terminal Superintendent

Surveying Experience:
20 years with this Company РSenior Partner
Considerable knowledge of Stevedoring Practice, Cargo Stowage and Securing, Containerised Cargoes and Carriage of Goods by Sea
Statutory and Occasional Surveys as requested by Korean Register and Class N.K. in Brisbane
Familiarisation of required Paperwork and Certification Regime – Korean Register, Class N.K. & China Register for requested surveys through this office
Investigations for P & I Clubs including: Ship Incidents; Crew Casualties; Stevedoring Incidents and Injury; Damage to Wharves and Installations; Bulk Liquid Contamination and Losses
Investigations and Surveys for Hull and Machinery Underwriters, including Groundings
Australian Marine Orders Compliance Surveys for Ship Owners
Consultative Studies in the handling and transport of Dangerous Cargoes in Port areas
Technical Advisor and Contractor to Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd.