Marine Surveyors & Compass Adjusters Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Compass Adjustment Services

Plumley Pearson & White are highly trained professional compass adjusters who have been adjusting ships’ compasses in Brisbane and the surrounding Ports since 1917. We regularly inspect and adjust magnetic compasses to ensure they comply with SOLAS Chapter V-Annex 13 requirements, are operating within their design criteria and AMSA regulations.

Using time served techniques together with modern technology, adjustments can be conducted 24/7, adding approximately one hour to the vessel’s outbound pilotage.

Details of Magnetic Compass Adjustments at The Port Of Brisbane.

We have four AMSA Licensed Magnetic Compass Adjusters and are available to undertake adjustments in Moreton Bay upon Sailing, 24hrs a day seven days a week.

We normally attend on board the vessel in daylight after arrival and conduct a “Pre-Op” on the Magnetic Compass, ensuring all is in good order for the adjustment including freeing and opening up the correctors; Adjusting the heeling error by vertical force instrument; Locating compass spares; Checking pivot point and alignment.

Should the Flinders Bar require adjustment we will gather the necessary information from the Ship’s Compass Error Book and later at our office undertake “Split B” calculations to determine correct length of Flinders Bar.

We then return on board about 1 hour before departure and sail with the vessel.

Once clear in Moreton Bay (roads anchorage) the ship is swung and from the known bearings of suitable distant objects, the compass is adjusted and the residual deviations determined.

We then produce a Table of Deviations (Deviation Card) with position of all correctors complying with the Australian Compass Regulations.

Once the adjustment is complete and Deviation Card issued we get off into the Pilot launch returning to Whyte Island.

The Adjustment will add about 1 hour onto the Pilotage outbound. The agent will need to advise the Pilots if you are undertaking an adjustment and book and arrange the launch to take us off.

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