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Underwriters Towage Surveys

Plumley Pearson & White regularly undertake towage surveys for underwriters and interested parties in accordance with the IMO Guidelines for Safe Ocean Towage and A.M.S.A. towage assessment criteria.

During surveys tug and tow suitability assessments are undertaken, towage arrangements and certificates inspected. Tug/Barge statutory certificates and insurances are also verified together with endurance calculations, passage planning, publications, medical supplies, crew qualifications/experience and emergency procedures being verified.

The tow is inspected, including an internal inspection of the barge scantlings/framework to ensure suitability for the voyage. The barge’s calculated departure trim, white line markings and stability are also verified during the survey.

Additional cargo securing surveys can also be undertaken, normally a requirement of the underwriter, to ensure the barge cargo is secured in compliance with “The Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing’ with due consideration given to barge deck loadings and adequate sea fastenings/lashings.

A summary of the Towage Surveys Plumley Pearson and White can provide are as follows:
Practical Guidance – Preparing for a Tow from an Australian Port (Particular to a Tug & Tow), Preliminary & Final Towage Survey Report and Stowage and Securing Guidance Report

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